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About Vasudev Dairy

Purity is the essence of fine health and good health is the essence of fine life!
Keeping this mantra in mind, Vasudev Dairy abides by ‘preservative-free’ milk and other dairy products. We realise that good health begin with superior nutrition. When there is a lot in life to achieve and a little to cherish, being careless with nutrition can be the last straw. Cherishing and nourishing your health, and that of your family, becomes all the more important when you are constantly on the move, taking care of every single chore that demands your attention.

Vasudev Dairy fresh milk works like a nutrient fill that reduces the health gap created by unwholesome lifestyle and adulterated consumption. A glass of Vasudev Dairy Milk works like an elixir on your overall fitness. The natural sweetness of the milk helps you cut down on the sugar intake, adding to the health quotient. For the kids, Vasudev Dairy milk is a bottle full of delicious nourishment. To get your daily dose of health and wellbeing, you can register with us by clicking here.

We are counted amongst the most renowned and trusted names in offering organic milk for entire families, especially children. Our milk is produced and processed at our own farms. For detailed understanding of our product and process, kindly find additional details below.

Benefits of Our Milk

Always Fresh
Milking is a daily process at Vasudev Dairy, we deliver fresh chilled milk at 4°C at your doorstep daily.

Keeps You Healthy
Ranging from Immune System to Digestion process, consumption of raw cow milk is important for you.

Best for Kids
High content of calcium in Vasudev Cow Milk helps in strengthening teeth and bones of your children.

Complete Food
Full glass of thick organic raw cow milk keeps your tummy full & is an amazing snack anytime of the day.

We provide 100% natural raw milk that could be boiled at home. Domestic boiling within 90 minutes of delivery will kill the bad bacteria alone. This raw cow milk is FSSAI certified. We provide all Best Dairy Products In Haryana including butter, ghee, paneer and more.