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  • V.P.O Dholapalia,Teh. Ellenabad ,Sirsa


Do you have your own farm or u source milk from various farmers? How big is the farm?
Yes, we have our own dairy farm and we don’t source milk from small/marginal farmers or milk collection agents. The herd size is 170 cows with a total housing area of 8 acres. Total land area under cultivation is 90 acres, please see our farm video and pictures in gallery section.

Where is the Vasudev Dairy located?
Vasudev Dairy farm is located at V.P.O Dholapalia,Teh. Ellenabad ,Sirsa.

Can we visit the farm?
Yes, we conduct farm visits on select saturdays. We encourage our subscribers to keep visiting our farm on a regular basis, preferably along with the kids so that they can learn about agriculture and dairy farming practices.

What facilities are available at the farm?
All the basic amenities are available at farm to make our subscribers feel comfortable during farm visits.
Among facilities for cows, we have a huge housing shelter where the cows roam and rest, well equipped with 24X7 water & feed access, fans and foggers are installed to keep the shelter cool.
Each cow is monitored by a computerized health tag placed around her neck; it tracks her digestive system, physical movement, stress, activity, rumination, heat and temperature among other things.
Automatic milking parlour for human touch free milking of cows
Hoofing machine for cows (just like we use a nail cutter)

Why Vasudev Dairy Milk? What makes Vasudev Dairy milk better than others?
We, at Vasudev Dairy Milk, have been supplying farm fresh cow milk for over 5 years now. We have been able to maintain our quality and service ever since its inception. The testimonials from our loyal customers would speak volumes for itself when it comes to choosing Vasudev Dairy Milk. We take a lot of pride in calling ourselves much better than other brands. The pride comes from the effort and hard work we put in to ensure the quality is never compromised. The health technology we use, the processes we follow and the hygiene we adhere to has always kept us on a higher pedestal .

What varieties of milk do you supply?
We only do farm fresh whole cow milk (without any processing). We don’t make other variants like full cream, toned or double toned.

What do you mean by whole milk?
Whole milk is the most natural state of milk as obtained from the cow. There are no additives or preservatives in the milk. The milk is not processed in any which way.

If it is whole milk, why isn’t there any thick Malai on it after it is boiled and cooled?
Thick malai/cream on top is directly proportional to the fat percent in the milk. A cow generally gives milk at 3.5% – 4.5% fat content so the malai comes accordingly. However, if you compare it with market/industrial variants like full cream, which is 6% fat, they are made by adding extra cream to milk thus giving a thicker malai/cream

I can’t set good Dahi with the milk. It’s quite runny. Why is that so?
The viscosity of dahi/curd is directly proportional to the SNF (solid non fat) content in the milk. Largely the milk sold in market is treated with SMP (skimmed milk powder) raising the SNF content, which increases the viscosity of curd making it thick.

What is pasteurization? Is your milk pasteurized? Do I need to boil the milk?
Pasteurization is the industrial method of boiling . Though pasteurization was intended to only kill bad bacteria, however now this process is being used to increase the shelf life of milk by killing good bacteria as well. This is done by pasteurizing the milk at higher temperatures & shock heat methods. Domestic boiling is the natural and best method of pasteurization, which only kills the bad bacteria and retains the good ones. 4S Milk is 100% farm fresh raw milk without any processing or pasteurization and no preservatives or additives. Hence boiling is mandatory within 90 minutes of delivery.

I’ve had cow’s milk when I was a child, and it always used to be yellow in colour. But the milk you supply is off white/less yellow. Is it really cow’s milk?
Yellowness in the milk is directly proportional to beta-carotene in milk. Vaudev Dairy Milk turns yellowish after 6-7 hours of boiling (when kept under refrigeration) These days lot of people use artificial carotene to make a milk variant yellow and sell it claiming to be cow’s milk

Is your milk A1 or A2? What is A2 milk? Is A2 milk better?
We don’t make claims on A1A2 as this can only be determined by DNA test of each and every cow in the herd. Those who make such claims are basically misleading the consumers and are spreading misinformation This whole A1 A2 thing is a false propaganda being spread to incite fear among consumers and extract premium, however the truth is that 98% of milk in India is by default A2. (refer NBAGR website)

How can we be assured of the quality of milk supplied to us?
We conduct frequent farm visits to establish the trust and transparency We conduct lab tests and share the report with our consumers on a regular basis Consumers are free to get the samples checked at any lab, We have the world’s best milk quality testing machine at our farm to keep a regular check on the quality

What is the shelf life of the milk?
Without boiling the shelf life is 2 hours under refrigeration. In winters it can last up to 10-12 hours under refrigeration. Post boiling it stays good for 3-4 days under refrigeration.

How do you ensure that the milk is antibiotic free?
We don’t use steroids or antibiotics on our cows unless the ailment is severe and recommended by a veterinarian. Such cows are separated from the herd and are kept under observation. We use ayurvedic and natural treatment methods for minor ailments.

Which breed of cows do you have? How many cows do you have?
We have a mix herd of cows – HF, Jersey and Desi

Do you give hormone injections to the cows?
No, we don’t use any kind of artificial growth hormones or Oxytocin etc.

What kind of fodder do your cows eat?
Round the year, the type of fodder and grains keep changing as per the weather. For e.g. Wheat, Bajra, Mustard, Oats, Barley, Maize, Alfa Alfa, Barsim

We provide 100% natural raw milk that could be boiled at home. Domestic boiling within 90 minutes of delivery will kill the bad bacteria alone. This raw cow milk is FSSAI certified. We provide all Best Dairy Products In Haryana including butter, ghee, paneer and more.