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  • V.P.O Dholapalia,Teh. Ellenabad ,Sirsa

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Farming & Fodder Management – Vasudev Dairy has its “own” farm and we fully operate it ourselves. Total land area is 115 Acre. The farm is located at V.P.O Dholapalia,Teh. Ellenabad ,Sirsa. We grow our own fodder in an organic way without use of any fertilizers and other chemicals. We grow Wheat, Bajra, Mustard, Oats, Barley, Maize, Alfa Alfa, Barsim at the farm for the cow fodder. We also conduct farm visits for our customers to see the scale and automation of our processes.

Our cows are the life of our farm. We make sure that they are able to spend an easy, healthy and happy life amidst green surroundings. Every cow at the farm is fed best in class feed that comprises a certain proportion of barley, wheat, miller, maize and green fodder, which is absolutely free from pesticides

Each and every cow at the farm is vaccinated to live a disease-free life
The cattle at our farm is free-range (left free to roam about) and has 24*7 access to water
For the comfort of our cows, we replace the soil bed with desert sand every alternate day
Concrete floors are covered with padded and soft rubber mats for the convenience of the cow
Our cows are given live yeast culture (fed to thoroughbred race horses) on a daily basis to ensure high absorption of vital nutrients from their diet
No injection of oxytocin or steroids are given to increase the quantity of the milk; also ensuring the milk is free from toxins
No matter how expensive, only qualified-veterinarian-doctor prescribed medicines and antibiotics are given as and when required.
The shelters are cooled by fogging machines and fans and are cleaned at least thrice a day.
Devotional and spiritual music is played at the time of milking to decrease any kind of stress for the livestock

We provide 100% natural raw milk that could be boiled at home. Domestic boiling within 90 minutes of delivery will kill the bad bacteria alone. This raw cow milk is FSSAI certified. We provide all Best Dairy Products In Haryana including butter, ghee, paneer and more.